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Robert T. Brooks, 3rd

Robert T. Brooks, 3rd is the Executive Director of  SWISH Academy, Inc. Mr. Brooks is a Bronx native and a fantastic basketball coach. He played his high school years at the Dwight/Anglo-American International School winning three independent high school championships. His college years were played at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC). He lives, breathes, and loves the game. He is also a great educator, mentor and father. He coaches much more than what goes on the hardwood or blacktop. He believes that "Greatness is the long term result of discipline, consistent repetition and purposeful execution." Robert’s intent will be to assist each young male and female who enters and participates to understand that the seeds of potential are already inside them, and to give them the raw materials necessary to begin and continue the climb to reach their full potential. His dedication to our youth is both generous and inspiring to watch.

Sanford Lapsley

Sanford Lapsley is a coach/trainer for SWISH Academy, Inc. Coach Laps is a New York native, as well as a life long fan of sports and athletics. As a child, Coach Laps played Little League Baseball.  In high school he was a member of the basketball and bowling teams both junior and senior year. Coach Laps has worked with children in recreation for more than 10 years.  In 2003 while an undergrad student at UCONN, Sanford became certified as an intramural basketball official.  He was a sports camp group leader at Cross Island YMCA in 2004 and at the South Asian Youth Association summer camp in 2006.  As the sports camp group leader, he led the campers through activities in baseball, basketball and soccer. Over the years Coach Laps returned to baseball and coached with the Rochdale Village Little League.  From 2006-2008, Coach Laps worked as a Recreation Specialist with special needs children for the Jewish Board Of Family.   And from 2009-2011 he was a Recreation Specialist for Steinway Child & Family Services.

In 2013 Coach Laps joined NYC Basketball League as a referee.  At the same time he began focusing his efforts on training and coaching youth basketball for ages 19 and under in his neighborhood of Southeast Queens, with the 4EverYoungHoops and Bello Basketball teams.  In addition, Coach Laps is an Assistant Coach for the New York Holy Storm, a team under the American Basketball Association.  Presently he serves as the Sports Facilitator at the Linden SDA DIVAS STEAM Beacon program in Laurelton, NY.

Coach Laps utilizes sports as a resource to foster youth development, environmental education, community engagement and healthy living. He has an affinity for baseball, football, soccer, bowling and bicycles when off the court.

Kareem Bernard

Kareem Bernard is a coach/trainer for SWISH Academy, Inc. Coach Bernard was born and raised in the Bronx.  He played on both the junior varsity and varsity teams for St. Raymond's High School for Boys. This is where Bernard discovered his love for coaching and attained the majority of his coaching skills. Bernard graduated high school  in 2009 and in the fall attended Sullivan County Community College.

Sullivan County Community College was a high ranked division 3 Junior College that recruited Bernard to play basketball.  While at Sullivan County Community College, Kareem and his team won 2 conference championships, 2 regional championships and made 2 national appearances. While spending summers in Sullivan, Bernard got involved in coaching for various summer basketball camps. He also has worked for St. Raymond's Basketball Camp along with Five-Star Basketball Camp and Iona College Summer Camp. He completed his years at Sullivan with an Associates degree in Sports Management.

After playing 2 years at Sullivan County Community College, Bernard was then recruited to SUNY Cobleskill. After 1 year of playing there, he decided to focus more on his education and his passion for coaching. His passion and focus resulted in Bernard being named student assistant for the 2013-14 season. Bernard graduated SUNY Cobleskill with a Bachelors degree in Communications.

Since graduating Bernard has worked with the youth around the city from the ages of 7-19. He is also the head coach and General Manager for the New York Holy Storm, a semi-professional basketball team that plays in the ABA (American Basketball Association)

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